What makes us happy and productive?

What makes humans their best selves?

The world abounds with preachers of diverse lifestyle improvement techniques — be they supplements, vitamins, nootropics, diets, or meditation — and it’s hard to figure out whom or what to trust or to formulate a rational opinion on what works and what does not work. And if we do decide to try something out ourselves, we’re not always sure about whether it helped or not — our memory’s not perfect.

I started developing SmartMood because I didn’t want to have that issue. I wanted to have accurate data on which habits improved my life and which did not.

Moreover, as someone who’s had depressive episodes in the past, I wanted to make sure that I kept my mental health in check. I wanted to know what made me sad, and I hoped to catch the warning signs of a depressive episode before another one begun.

SmartMood sends you notifications at random times during the day and presents you with questions about how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, what you’ve done during the day, etc. It then displays you charts showing you how a vast array of things affect your mood, based upon your answers. The app is flexible and customizable and allows you to choose yourself the lifestyle variables you want it to track.

I’m very flexible and open to suggestions, so if you have anything to say about the app’s concept or execution, feel free to send an anonymous ask or talk to me personally!